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When to Know It’s Time to Look for A New Physician Job

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Pursuing a career as a physician requires a fairly long process. There are moments of sorrow, there are also joys. If the moments of sorrow outweigh the joys, is the job worth keeping? Or maybe it's time for you to look for a more decent job, so you feel comfortable and happy while working.

Here are some "red signs" that indicate that you should look for a new physician job:

There is a continuous inner turmoil

Days at work may not always live up to expectations. Inner turmoil such as boredom, sadness, and negative emotions may haunt your career as a physician. However, this turmoil is not natural if it occurs continuously because it will hamper productivity in the workplace.

There are several ways to get rid of inner turmoil, such as traveling or doing other hobbies. But if those inner turmoils don't go away, maybe this is the right time to consider looking for a new job.

Your enthusiasm for work decreases

Enthusiasm in your career is essential to maintain the quality of your work. A physician must have high enthusiasm and confidence for work because physicians interact directly with other people and society.

If your enthusiasm for meeting patients decreases, you feel that your motivation at work has decreased sharply, far from your previous strong motivation. Those are signs that you are not comfortable with the job.

No career development

Duties that have been done for years have their own difficulties, so you feel challenged to do them. But if the task's difficulty level is always the same and there is no change, the job will not make you grow because there are no new challenges in it.

Challenges at work are needed so that you can hone your physicians' creativity over time. If this is not felt, it's time to look for new things or even a new job that is more challenging and can help your career as a physician elevate. Don't let your career stagnate.

You don’t love what you do

The work of a physician is about contributing to the people, a heroic contribution. The work environment requires you to interact with patients, show empathy for patients, struggle with paperwork, work late, and others.

If you don't tolerate these things, it's a red sign that you should consider making a career change. But this decision must be thought out carefully and thoroughly.

You already feel uncomfortable with your work and environment

One of the signs that indicate that you need to find a new job is when you don't feel comfortable with everything about your job. Work is a routine that you have to do every day. Therefore, doing things that are uncomfortable for you every day will definitely make you feel very tormented.

This discomfort can also have a negative influence on your performance which has an unfavorable impact on your profession.

Get a better opportunity

Maybe you are doing well in your current job. However, if you find and get a better opportunity, you must take the opportunity if it is in accordance with your capacity and ability.

Maybe you feel that all is going well with your job, but that can't be an excuse to let go for better opportunities in your medical profession. Taking these new opportunities will take you to new challenges that will later bring even greater opportunities for your medical career.

Consider the best for your career

Leaving the old job to find a new job is not an easy decision given the limited number of job opportunities. Pay attention to every aspect from the whole point of view. If the conditions do not allow you to continue working at your old workplace, look for a new job that can make you prosperous in pursuing a brighter medical career for a better future.

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