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Tips to Increase Your Studying Efficiency as A Doctor

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When studying to become a doctor, time is of the essence. With all the classes you have to attend, the amount you need to intake, and most importantly, remember, is astonishing for most. However, through passing your degree and undergoing your postgraduate learning, you’ll be presented with one of the most rewarding jobs worldwide. Therefore, we want you to become successful and pass your initial degree.

Studying has a considerable effect on whether you graduate or not. Because of this, you’ll want to master techniques that enhance how you intake and remember information. To gain a better insight into how you can achieve this, see the below information.

1. Introduce the Pomodoro technique

Studying for ten hours a day may seem like the perfect technique for memorizing information. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. When studying long periods, essential data and information can quickly become forgotten. Your brain will rapidly get fatigued, reducing concentration and memory. But, there’s a solution to this, which is called the Pomodoro technique. Many people worldwide use this studying method because it’s known to enhance memory, maintain focus, and it allows you to learn for much more extended periods.

The most common Pomodoro techniques are 50/10 or 30/5 splits. This means 50 or 30 minutes of studying without any distractions and a 10- or 5-minutes break afterward. During this break, you’ll want to do something fun. Grab a coffee, perform a HIIT workout, or watch funny videos, practically anything that’ll remove your focus from studying.

2. Plan ahead and stick with it

In life, planning is essential for all situations, and it’s the same for studying. Create plans to study, see family or friends, exercise, go shopping, literally everything, and stick with it. By developing plans like this, you’re ensuring yourself time to study and not neglecting it. Without a doubt, this will make your life manageable, less stressful, and more gratifying.

3. Master discipline

Having a plan is extremely valuable to your studying. However, without solid discipline, it’s nothing. Therefore, you’ll want to show the utmost amount of discipline towards your studies. If this means you cannot meet friends for a party, you need to prioritize, which is more important.

Don’t get us wrong, canceling them is a good idea if you’re worried about your studying progress. But, you also don’t want to neglect your mental health. If you’re burning out and need time away from studying, meeting up for that party is a good idea if it’ll make you feel better. Therefore, you’ll need to master the discipline of the mind. Think to yourself what you need to stay in optimal studying shape.

4. Include downtime learning

Downtime learning could also be rewarding, but it isn’t necessary. This includes learning while performing other activities. For example, listening to an audio textbook while exercising, reading a book while relaxing, etc.

Want to become a doctor?

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